Wikileaks & Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Since when is this okay? Hillary Clinton’s now released emails hold conversations about Sarkosy and David Cameron agreeing to overthrow Qaddafi in exchange for Libya’s oil, and Google agreeing to assist Clinton in overthrowing Assad in Syria, because “the best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s nuclear capabilities is to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria.”

The good old adage, “there are always unintended consequences in every action” do not fly here. I thought maybe we could learn from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran in the past, or our role in creating the Taliban, but apparently not. As a result of the instability in Libya/Syria, we have huge vaccuums of power that create breeding grounds for extremist groups (ISIS) to organize and infiltrate global economic systems; we have millions of people who have lost their lives and one of the largest refugee crises of our time. A racist hashtag emerged after the Belgium attacks- #stopIslam- but shouldn’t it be #stopgreed? Islamists are not terrorists, terrorists are terrorists. Instead, let’s ask ourselves what is our part as western nations? Did we not play a role? How many wars are we going to justify for Israel or US security? Did we create much security at all, after all?

I put this out there not to complain or to impart my values, but to inform. There are future educators, doctors, business people, politicians, lawyers, and artists among us who have opportunities to influence and speak truth. I don’t believe that peace can prevail so long as western governments time and time again think that their influence and force can divide & conquer at the expense of others.

I put my faith out there that we as a people will wake up, choose love, and put our best foot forward. Education is the tool to greatness. There is a lot of work to do out there, and my prayers go out to those in Belgium. ❤ ❤ ❤

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