Seasonal Color Program for Nashville Gardens

Need a seasonal color program for you Nashville garden? Seasonal color programs offer you a beautiful landscape during each season of the year. At Acer Landscape Services we do this by designing gorgeous gardens using annuals that will enhance the look of your landscape.

By using annuals intermingled with perennials around a pool, a backyard planting, a front yard landscape or even driveway entrance, your home will remain beautiful all year long.

Annuals only last for a few months and can be very labor intensive to install but, with our seasonal color program, you can relax and let our trained staff design, install, and remove, at each change of season, seasonal planting material. All you have to do is enjoy! That’s why we say: “We’re planting the good life.” We want to make your life easier so you can relax more!

If your ready to discuss how a seasonal color program can enhance your property, call Acer Landscape Services at 615–350–8030 today to find out more about the program and get started having a beautiful garden all year long.

Summer Garden

seasonal color program


Summer gardens are bright and cheerful and there is an endless array of annual flowers that may be planted in your landscape that thrive in the hot and humid summers of Nashville and surrounding areas.

Co-founder Julia Stewart says: “Alfred and I have gardened in the south all of our lives and have experimented with many varieties of annuals and have found some favorites that require very little, if any, maintenance that we love to use in designs.”

Have a favorite annual you want planted? Just let us know and we’ll incorporate it into the design.

Spring Garden

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Annual Bulbs Welcome Spring

Ahh…Spring! Cool temperatures and flowering bulbs and trees make for glorious days. The fluctuating temperatures during this time of year, however, call for special types of annuals that can take the cool nights and warm days. This is also the time of year that our lawn care specialists can plant your spring annuals at the same time we do a spring clean up of your landscape. The outside of your home can look beautiful while others are just thinking about all the work they need to do to get their landscape ready for spring.

Fall Garden

Fall seasonal color Nashivlle

Fall garden plantings can spruce up a tired looking garden like nothing else. As well as planting fall annuals, it’s a great time to prepare the garden for next spring. Pruning overgrown perennials, getting rid of the summer annuals, and being mindful not to let plants go to seed which causes weeds the following spring. Worried about fall leaves and debris? Don’t be, Acer’s lawn maintenance services can handle that for you.

Winter Garden

winter seasonal color Nashville

To have a landscape that blooms in the winter, you need to prepare ahead of time by planting late winter and early spring flowering trees, bushes, and bulbs. Bulbs such as daffodils and crocus that emerge in February here in Nashville let you know that spring is right around the corner. Also, having plants in your landscape design that have interesting bark such as the red or yellow barked dogwood, or crepe myrtles add interest to the winter landscape. And don’t’ forget the berried bushes, such as the deciduous holly, is quite beautiful and the berries are perfect for holiday decorating as long as the birds don’t get them first!

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