SyysScript type family — now even more Nordic with new styles

SyysScript is the name of a Finnish script font family which translates as “ Script of Autumn “. The fonts based on a Karelian handwriting source are character-strong and at the same time well readable. A rich set of OpenType features and hundreds of alternate glyphs and ligatures give texts written in SyysScript an authentic natural look.

SyysScript Felt-Tip Eco

Besides the popular Regular style with its eye-catching long ascenders and descenders there is SyysScript Eco with more compact proportions and simplified outlines — very legible in dense surroundings like on packaging material.

Lately two newcomers, SyysScript FeltTip and SyysScript FeltTip Eco joined the family. They are bolder and softer than the previous styles but keep their positive, lighthearted feel. The “FeltTips” are a powerful tool to make an individual mark not only in print and on the web but also on demanding backgrounds — from illuminated signs to concrete walls!

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Originally published at on January 11, 2017.

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