When Everything Goes Wrong

Today is the day when everything goes wrong.

Every task on to-do list is unmarked. I overslept my ‘get-up-and-be-productive’ time. I had no time to go the gym. Instead of doing my carefully planned working day routine, I decided to do the staff that could wait till tomorrow. As you can imagine I spent much more time than I thought it could possibly take. And that was just the begining, but that is not important for now.

How to overcome these days and overwhelming emotions? Is it time for giving up?

Pull yourself together.

Do not let emotions overtake you. Negative thoughts and feelings can decay you from inside. Figuring out what calms you down is important for mastering emotional burnout. Build your own relaxing customs: drinking a cup of coffee, going for walk, watching some TV, funny clips and videos. It would be helpful to take time out from technology as well as going into creative course.

Don’t do anything.

It might be wise to free the rest of the day from important meeting and urgent work, if it is possible. You may think that you waste a lot of time this way, otherwise you will have risk of wasting much more time on overdoing the work once again. If you are at work and you have strict timetable, try to do regular and ongoing tasks. Nothing very important or pressing.

Adjust your plans.

When you feel yourselves relaxed, you are ready to assess ‘lost’ time and adjust plans.

And that is what I did today to save myself from burnout.

P.S. Please, feel free to write your techniques for getting your life back in control.

Originally published at loveprintablesblog.wordpress.com on January 26, 2016.