In this speculative future that I explored, extreme globalization leading up to the designation of permanent and mobile zones in cities and eventually the formation of a new culture and nation, came about not because of a practice designers intentionally design for, but due to the transition of economical needs…

A glimpse into what it means and takes to be a national of Ab Ovo

I designed and hand-bound an Ab Ovon passport. Learn more about what it means to be a citizen of Ab Ovo!

Ab Ovo passport, with the national emblem spray painted in gold. Double-headed winged fish alludes to the Roman God Janus, who is the god of beginnings, transition, time and passages. The winged fish symbolizes mobility and agility.

In the future, extreme globalization gives birth to a new nation without geographical borders…

People of the future need to go travelling for vacation and encounters travel agencies with their travel guides.

Experience of a trip to this new nation.

Getting “lost” in the new nation because of how homogenous the zones look, finding a map from the “Olden days”.

Near future:

People move as a way to show status — the elites would move around more

There is no concept of “travelling” anymore because rich people just decide to move around the world in the mobile zones / “dynamic areas”. They would also travel to areas of “permanence” (essentially areas of lower social class), turning more permanent areas into “mobile zones” (kind of like gentrification)

After the first exercise, the more I thought about the microfuture on flexibility and mobility, the more I realize there are many different branches in the concept I am exploring. First there is the idea of many functions embodied in one adaptable form and place. This relates to merging objects…

  1. Flexible and mobile environments

I noticed that a lot of things objects are made to be mobile, from the most obvious example of having wheels attached to tables and other furniture, to having homes designed to be reconfigurable and having retail and educational experiences to be “on the spot”, such…

Some initial sense-making of the Opioid Epidemic

just beginning to wrap my head around the problem

I tried not to put any specific areas as the center, since I believe all these different aspects of influences exist as a complex network instead of a hierarchy. I realize that there are two-folds to the problem of opioid distribution, one that…

Design is moving towards an overly scientific approach where its success is measured by the immediate reception of people and businesses, and its creativity is restricted by the availability of technology. Yet designing for the evolving future requires imagination, introspection, and a little bit of absurdity. Through the articulation and expression of their own voices, designers should create pivots in transitional times to connect and empower people, and with renewed optimism, present alternative ways of perceiving the world to inspire self-reflection, meaningful conversations and social interactions. Only by embracing design’s expressive nature and their inherent desire to innovate can designers really shape culture and propel growth in the society.

Julia Wong

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