Ex04: Pockets of the future 1 — Passport

A glimpse into what it means and takes to be a national of Ab Ovo

I designed and hand-bound an Ab Ovon passport. Learn more about what it means to be a citizen of Ab Ovo!

Ab Ovo passport, with the national emblem spray painted in gold. Double-headed winged fish alludes to the Roman God Janus, who is the god of beginnings, transition, time and passages. The winged fish symbolizes mobility and agility.

In the future, extreme globalization gives birth to a new nation without geographical borders: Ab Ovo — where residents constantly move across designated zones around the world.

In this increasingly globalized age, cities around the world are becoming more similar, and culture breaks free from geographical specificity. In a speculative future where place is defined by the mobility of its inhabitants, every city is divided into “permanent zones” and “mobile zones”. While the “permanees” stay rooted in their homes, the “urban nomads” stay temporarily, bringing their mobile environments with them as they move to other mobile zones across the globe. As the urban nomads of each city converge, their collective identity give rise to a new nation, Ab Ovo. What does it mean to be a national of this country that is not defined by a geographical boundary? What is the experience like to travel to this country as a tourist?

Here is a chance for you to find out about Ab Ovo’s establishment and way of living, as well as the must-see attractions, food, culture, and everything you need to know about your visit to this new nation through this detailed travel guide. You are also invited to take a peek into an AbOvon passport, and the system governing the nationals’ migration patterns.

This girl was born not within the boundaries of Ab Ovo, but in Denmark, but was naturalized as a citizen at the age of 21.
Certification of her citizenship naturalization approval.
Nationals are to move cities every so often. Every time one moves, an overall “Capital Quo” is generated based on one’s health status, education level and political/artistic/athletic engagement. This Capital Quo will then determine the cities that one is allowed to move to for the next period. This is a system to ensure there is not a huge imbalance in resource and talent distribution within the nation.