Delighting customers through banking data feeds

Brex’s diverse customers use a variety of software tools to run and grow their businesses. About half of all our customers use some form of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application and expect Brex data to seamlessly integrate with their existing productivity tools.

In late 2019, we identified two sizable opportunities:

  1. Customers demand robust integrations with their existing workforce productivity tools.
  2. Brex’s channel partners like accounting apps can provide a better customer experience by directly accessing customers’ transactions and statement data, at their permission.

We built the Accounting API to enable ERPs to pull data from Brex through a direct transaction feed, and to allow bookkeeper apps to integrate with Brex for analytics, budgeting, and more. …


Julia Wu

Building, reading, learning. | Engineer at Brex, prev. Apple, MSFT, Brown CS + Econ | juliawu.me

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