We all know we should have a Vision and a Strategy for our companies, but what about a North Star Question? Is it just management consultancy hype, or can this actually be useful for any business, no matter what the size?

Let’s start by examining what a ‘North Star Question’ actually is. Just like the North Star, it’s supposed to be a guide — a question that can be asked at any point, and the answer will always tell you what should happen next. It’s different from a Vision, because a business Vision is a snapshot of a single day in the future, when you can see exactly what your business has become, in all its glorious detail. It’s different from a Strategy, because that is your path from here to your Vision. Your North Star question may actually not be about growth, but more about how your business acts, ‘day to day’. Several of the world’s largest financial institutions have North Star Questions that basically say ‘Is it the right thing to do?’. They use their question as a way to unite workforces of thousands — realistically, no-one will ever read all the policies and procedures in any major organization, but if they all turn to ‘is it the right thing to do?’ …

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At the moment, you could be forgiven for thinking that investment is the only way to progress if you are a startup: Unicorns and record-breaking rounds fill the news. In reality, investment is a double-edged sword, and handled incorrectly, could end your startup. Here we’ll explore 6 key ways in which investment could potentially be damaging, and how you can guard against these issues.

The 7 ways investment could kill your startup

1) Delivery pressure: Getting investment is about making promises, building trust and then delivering on those promises. …

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A guide on how to provide a good customer experience

There’s a common misconception that the startups doing well, the ones really soaring to Unicorn heights, are there because they’ve built amazing tech that differentiates them — the buzzwords of FinTech, HealthTech, PropTech continue to dominate. …

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