Sweets are not so ‘sweet’ if they are slowly killing you

I AGREE, they are satisfying and delicious but at the same time they are eventually going to kill you ! Not to mention, i am the biggest sweet tooth, i can never seem to turn down anything that is sugary. Sweets is life, sweets are everything to me. It makes me happy regardless of when i choose to eat them. That sweetness touching the tip of my tongue, gives me flashbacks of my childhood, which is why i over the years i have grown an attachment and think that i can not live life without sugar.

Nevertheless, i began to think about what the large amounts of sugar consumption can do to my overall health. I realised that individuals in the western suburbs are becoming obsessed due to immense sugar intake , which will eventually lead to serious health diseases such as, diabetes. This issue dramatically came to my attention, as i do live in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. Individuals are practically killing themselves with sugar, without even realising it!

Check out the management report on Western Sydney Diabetes report and you will understand how serious this issue really is..

Through a Western Sydney diabetes report, studies have shown that people living in Western Sydney have a higher chance of developing diabetes compared to individuals living in the coastal regions. As statistics emphasise that 68.5% of patients in Black town hospital had diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Diabetes is seen to be costing at least $14.6 billion annually and is expected to increase to $30 million by 2050, with Western Sydney targeted as the ‘hotspot’

Each year it is seen that a quarter to a third of hospital beds in Australia are occupied with individuals with diabetes. Also research shows that in the past 20 years there was lack of improvement on Australians and their consumption of sugar, considering the various levels of awareness of high sugar intake. This is such a disappointment, individuals are practically slowly running to their death beds. It has been argued that Australia should take abroad a sugar tax just like the UK, which i think is an excellent idea in getting Australians to decrease their daily dose of sugar. It is important that strategies are implemented to manage diabetes in Western Sydney immediately. It stated that there will be local general practitioners undertaking risk screening for diabetes to care for patients. Also Local residents will have more access to comprehensive diabetes services such as public hospitals and Western Sydney health professionals.

The Western Sydney Diabetes Committee is now co-ordinating with various organisations to implement initiatives to improve the issue of diabetes in Western Sydney, you can find more information by clicking here

Individuals living in Western Sydney are seen to living an a diabetogenic environment, where the population and local community make it difficult for residents to engage in a healthy lifestyle. However, I discovered recently that an approach is being implemented to address diabetes in Western Sydney medical centres such as, Mt Druitt medical centre. A variety of measures will include improving access to fresh food, education programs in school and building additional green spaces. More than half the Western Sydney population is overweight and at the risk of type 2 diabetes. Factors including family, age and birth location can contribute to an increase risk to diabetes.

This calls for serious action to improve the local community and minimise the risk of diabetes !

The Western Sydney Diabetes Committee is currently recognising that diabetes is critical healthy priority for Western Sydney. Their goal is to increase a healthier population and slow the progression to the risk of diabetes.

As you can a see, a model is constructed to address the issue of diabetes

However you can also have a risk of getting diabetes even if you are being fit and healthy. For example, Cathy Freeman is an Olympian Champion who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2011. She hopes to inspire others to be healthy and help Australia tackle diabetes.

‘I’m always going to encourage people with diabetes to do some form of exercise’
‘It’s a disease which can affect anyone’

When my niece would come over, she politely begs like this:

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I never can give no for an answer, because i love sweets as much as she does..

However, i now think twice before giving sweets to my love ones or even to myself. I know that it will not benefit my health and well-being, considering it will increase the likelihood of diabetes.

I now say to others:

‘Never let your future be destroyed by what is known as so sweet yet so dangerous, sugar’

It still astonishes me that it is currently one of the many issues that is on the high within the western regions. So the next time you decide to eat those sugary snacks, are you going to think about the consequences?

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