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In today’s digital age, numerous online platforms offer essay writing services, but not all stand out like For those unfamiliar, Boom Essays is an online essay writing service dedicated to assisting students with their academic needs, ranging from simple essays to comprehensive research projects. Their promise is to deliver high-quality, tailored content to fit every scholar’s unique requirements.

Having recently used their service, I am poised to share an in-depth review based on my firsthand experience. While many Boom Essays reviews highlight the platform’s professionalism, I felt it necessary to provide my perspective, giving readers an authentic understanding of what to expect.

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Quick Summary of My Boom Essays Review

Overall Rating: 9.5/10 💖

Key Findings:

  1. Quality: Boom Essays consistently delivers high-quality content, with well-researched essays tailored to specific client needs. Their essay on “The Ethical Implications of AI in Modern Healthcare” served as an excellent representation of their standards. ✔️
  2. Punctuality: The platform not only meets but often exceeds delivery deadlines, emphasizing their commitment to timeliness. ✔️
  3. Pricing: With transparent pricing starting at $12.99 per page and no hidden fees, Boom Essays offers value for money. First-time users can avail a 15% discount using the BOOM15 code. ✔️
  4. Customer Support: Their customer support system is responsive, knowledgeable, and readily available, enhancing the overall user experience. Available via online chat, phone call, email. ✔️
  5. Confidentiality: Boom Essays takes data privacy seriously, using advanced encryption methods and ensuring that client details are kept secure. No one will ever found out that you’ve used the service. ✔️
  6. Reliability: Numerous positive reviews online, coupled with a transparent business model, reaffirm Boom Essays’ legitimacy and reliability in the academic writing domain. ✔️

Website address:

Ease of Website Navigation

When I first landed on their homepage, I was pleasantly surprised by the streamlined design of the website. It was clear that user experience was a priority for them. The clean layout made it easy to find the information I was looking for, and within minutes, I had a clear understanding of their services and how to place an order.

Boom Essays review
Boom Essays overview

From the straightforward main menu to the informative FAQ section, everything was organized and intuitive. Even for someone not particularly tech-savvy, navigating is a breeze. I’ve read several Boom Essays reviews that praised the website’s user-friendliness, and I can now affirm those claims. Whether I accessed it from my desktop or smartphone, the site maintained its responsiveness, ensuring a seamless browsing experience.

Moreover, they’ve placed a handy price calculator right on their homepage, allowing potential clients like myself to get a quick estimate based on specific requirements. This level of transparency, combined with ease of navigation, truly sets apart in my books.

Variety of Services Offered

Diving deeper into what brings to the table, I was thoroughly impressed with the extensive range of services they provide. Beyond the traditional essay writing, they cater to a diverse array of academic needs, from term papers and dissertations to presentations and case studies. This breadth of service ensures that students from various academic backgrounds and levels can find exactly what they’re looking for.

Another feature that stood out during my exploration was their willingness to cater to different academic levels. Whether you’re a high school student struggling with a book report or a Ph.D. candidate seeking assistance with your dissertation, has a dedicated team to support you.

Also, they don’t just stop at writing. They offer additional services like editing and proofreading, which I found to be a boon. After having my essay written, I opted for their proofreading service to ensure it was flawless, and I wasn’t disappointed.

  1. Essays: Various types including argumentative essays, descriptive essays, narrative essays, expository essays, persuasive essays, compare and contrast essays
  2. Research Papers: In-depth investigations into specific topics, requiring extensive research and analysis.
  3. Dissertations: Comprehensive research papers required for the completion of doctoral degrees.
  4. Theses: Similar to dissertations but typically shorter and for masters’ degrees.
  5. Term Papers: Papers on a topic from the coursework of a particular term or semester.
  6. Case Studies: Detailed analyses of particular events, situations, or decisions.
  7. Book Reports/Reviews: Summaries, analyses, and personal opinions on particular books.
  8. Lab Reports: Documentation of experiments, including methods, findings, and analysis.
  9. Coursework: Broad category that includes various written tasks associated with a course, like essays, assignments, and practical tasks.
  10. Admission Essays: Personal statements written by students seeking admission to colleges or universities.
  11. Personal Statements: Essays detailing one’s personal and professional goals, often required for applications.
  12. Creative Writing: This can include short stories, poems, scripts, and more.
  13. Other types of writing on demand

Having scanned multiple platforms for similar services, it’s evident that the versatility offered by is hard to match. In this review, I must emphasize the convenience of having a one-stop-shop for all academic writing needs, making it an ideal choice for students seeking comprehensive academic solutions.

Ordering Process

One of the primary concerns for any student venturing into the realm of online essay services is the ordering process. Is it complicated? Will I get what I ask for? With, these concerns were quickly put to rest. Their ordering process is as straightforward as it gets, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

I began by filling out a simple form that allowed me to detail my requirements. For this review’s sake, let me delve into the specifics of my order: I requested a 5-page argumentative essay on the topic, “The Ethical Implications of AI in Modern Healthcare”. The essay was for my Master’s level Bioethics course, with a 7-day deadline.

The form prompted me to input the essay type, topic, number of pages, deadline, and academic level. Additionally, there were options to attach relevant resources, offer guidelines, or any specific instructions I had for the writer. This level of detail reassured me, as it left little room for ambiguity.

After submitting the form, I was presented with a clear price breakdown — no hidden costs or last-minute surprises. Payment options were diverse and secure, adding another layer of trust to the transaction.

Throughout the process, their customer support was just a click away. I had a couple of questions regarding their expert matching process, and the responses I received were prompt and informative. It’s no wonder many reviews praise their efficient ordering system and top-notch customer service.

In summary, the ordering experience was smooth, transparent, and designed with the user in mind. It gave me confidence not just in the process, but also in the quality of the work I would receive.

Pricing and Discounts

Cost often serves as a decisive factor for students when considering essay writing services. After all, many of us operate on tight budgets. It’s here that truly shines, marrying affordability with quality.

For the 5-page argumentative essay on “The Ethical Implications of AI in Modern Healthcare” that I ordered for my Master’s level course, the basic price was $12.99 per page. So, for five pages, the total came to $64.95. Considering the complexity of the topic and the academic level, I found this price quite reasonable.

Boom Essays pricing

What stood out during my order placement was the transparent pricing system. There were no hidden fees, and everything was laid out clearly for me to see. They also provided a breakdown of potential additional costs if I opted for extra services or a more experienced writer. also offers periodic discounts and promotional offers, which can significantly reduce the overall cost. I’ve noticed in various reviews that these discounts, especially for first-time users, are highly appreciated by the student community.

In addition to the base prices and discounts, they have a loyalty program for returning customers, which I’m already considering for my future needs. It’s a tiered system that rewards you based on the number of orders placed, offering percentage discounts that increase with more frequent usage.

Quality of the Delivered Essay

Upon receiving my essay, the first thing that struck me was its impeccable quality. The essay on “The Ethical Implications of AI in Modern Healthcare” wasn’t just a cursory exploration of the topic but a deep, comprehensive dive, exhibiting thorough research and nuanced arguments.

The writer certainly demonstrated a profound understanding of the subject. Each point was substantiated with credible sources, and the flow of the essay was logical and persuasive. They addressed both the potential benefits of AI in healthcare, such as improved diagnostics and personalized treatment, and the ethical concerns, like patient privacy and decision-making autonomy.

Grammatically, the essay was flawless. Sentence structures were varied, vocabulary was sophisticated yet accessible, and there was a clear distinction between original content and cited information, eliminating any concerns about potential plagiarism.

In various BoomEssays reviews, I’ve noticed a recurring theme of customers praising the high-quality content they received, and my experience was no different. The essay not only met my expectations but exceeded them, reflecting a level of expertise and dedication that is commendable.

Moreover, the formatting adhered strictly to the guidelines I provided, making it ready for submission without any further edits on my part. It’s evident that BoomEssays places a significant emphasis on matching orders with writers who are experts in the specific subject area, ensuring that clients receive essays that are both informative and engaging.

To sum it up, if quality is a barometer for choosing an essay writing service, BoomEssays effortlessly sets a high standard that many would find hard to match.

Turnaround Time and Deadlines

When it comes to academic writing, timing is crucial. Submitting a well-researched essay is of no use if it doesn’t adhere to the submission deadline. Herein lies another strength of their unwavering commitment to punctuality.

For my essay on “The Ethical Implications of AI in Modern Healthcare,” I had set a 7-day deadline. Not only did BoomEssays deliver the essay within this time frame, but they actually sent it two days early! This early delivery gave me ample time to review the content, familiarize myself with the arguments presented, and prepare for any potential class discussions.

This proactive approach is something I greatly appreciated. It demonstrates that they respect their clients’ time and understand the importance of having a buffer, especially for significant academic projects.

Many Boom Essays review pieces have similarly highlighted their punctuality, and some even mention instances where the platform has successfully catered to extremely tight deadlines without compromising on quality. This ability to balance speed with quality is a testament to their professionalism.

In a realm where time is often a pressing concern, the assurance of prompt delivery, as evidenced by my experience and numerous Boom Essays review testimonials, makes this service a reliable choice for students.

Revisions and Money-Back Guarantee

No matter how impeccable a service might be, there’s always the potential for minute discrepancies or a need for slight adjustments. That’s where the reassurance of a revision policy comes into play, and doesn’t fall short in this regard.

After going through the essay on “The Ethical Implications of AI in Modern Healthcare,” I felt the need for a minor edit in one of the sections to align it more closely with a specific resource I had in mind. I approached their team with my request, and they were more than accommodating. The revision was prompt, and the essay was updated to perfectly incorporate my feedback.

The ease with which this was handled is noteworthy. Many Boom Essays reviews also commend the platform’s willingness to ensure customer satisfaction through their revision policy.

Although I was more than satisfied with the quality of the essay and didn’t need to explore their money-back guarantee, it’s worth mentioning that such a policy does exist. It provides an added layer of trust, knowing that if things don’t go as planned, there’s a structured procedure in place to address any grievances. While I left the experience without any regrets, this assurance is likely a comfort for many potential customers who might be treading cautiously.

Boom Essays money-back policy

In conclusion, the combination of a hassle-free revision process and the safety net of a money-back guarantee makes a service that genuinely prioritizes its clients’ satisfaction.

Customer Support

Effective communication is the backbone of any successful service, and in this realm, truly excels. From the moment I began my journey on their platform to the final receipt of my essay, their customer support was nothing short of stellar.

Whenever I had a query, whether it was about the ordering process or seeking updates about my essay on “The Ethical Implications of AI in Modern Healthcare,” I was met with prompt and courteous responses. I primarily used their live chat feature, which I found extremely convenient. The wait time was minimal, often just a few seconds, and the representatives were knowledgeable, addressing my questions with clarity and precision.

Boom Essays customers support

In addition to live chat, they also offer support through email and phone. I tested all channels, and the consistency in their responsiveness and professionalism across the board was impressive.

Many Boom Essays reviews I’ve come across echo my sentiments, emphasizing the platform’s dedication to providing top-tier customer support. It’s one thing to offer a quality product, but to couple that with exemplary service is what sets apart from many of its competitors.

In today’s fast-paced digital age, where prompt responses are often expected, it’s refreshing to see a company not only meet these expectations but surpass them. For any student considering using their service, the assurance of having a supportive team at your beck and call is undoubtedly a significant advantage.

Confidentiality and Security

In an age where data breaches and privacy concerns are rampant, the importance of confidentiality and security cannot be understated, especially when dealing with academic endeavors. My experience with left me assured of their commitment to safeguarding client information.

From the moment I began the ordering process, I could sense the platform’s dedication to security. The website uses advanced encryption methods, ensuring that all personal and transactional details remain confidential. This was a comforting realization, knowing that my academic integrity and personal data were in safe hands.

Additionally, has a stringent privacy policy in place. They firmly emphasize that client details are never shared with third parties, and all essays are crafted from scratch, ensuring originality and preventing any potential plagiarism issues. The essay I received, “The Ethical Implications of AI in Modern Healthcare,” bore testimony to this claim — it was unique and tailored specifically to my requirements.

The Boom Essays review sections across various platforms also highlight the company’s integrity when it comes to maintaining confidentiality. Many students have expressed relief and satisfaction in knowing that their academic endeavors remain discreet and secure.

In essence, doesn’t just provide quality content; they do so while upholding the highest standards of security and confidentiality. For students who value their privacy as much as the quality of their essays, this platform is a commendable choice.

Testimonials and User Reviews

Before deciding to place an order with, like many others, I sought to gauge the experiences of past clients. It’s one thing to read claims from the company itself, but entirely another to hear from those who have actually used the service.

To my pleasure, the testimonials section on the website was brimming with positive feedback. Students from diverse academic backgrounds expressed satisfaction with the quality, timeliness, and communication the platform provided.

Boom Essays testimonials from the customers

However, I didn’t stop at the website’s testimonials. I scoured the internet for independent reviews to get a more holistic understanding. On various review platforms and student forums, a recurring theme emerged: Boom Essays is reliable. This sentiment resonated with my experience as well. The essay I received, the adherence to deadlines, and the open line of communication all pointed towards a service that values reliability and consistency.

Moreover, the specific feedback from other clients about their range of services, from simple essays to more complex research papers, further solidified the notion of Boom Essays being a reliable platform.

Having now experienced their services firsthand and juxtaposed that with the overwhelming positive feedback from others, the “Boom Essays reliable” reputation is one I can confidently endorse. If there’s any hesitation or doubt about their authenticity, the community’s voice stands as a testament to their commitment to excellence.

Pros and Cons

Based on my personal experience and after sifting through various Boom Essays reviews, I’ve compiled a list of pros and cons that might help potential users make an informed decision:


  1. High-Quality Content: The depth and quality of research are evident in the essays they deliver. My essay on “The Ethical Implications of AI in Modern Healthcare” was testament to their commitment to excellence.
  2. Punctuality: Not just meeting, but often beating deadlines. Their timely delivery is a significant relief, especially for tight academic schedules.
  3. Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees or surprise charges. Everything is laid out clearly, from the initial quote to the final payment.
  4. Stellar Customer Support: Whether through chat, email, or phone, their support team is responsive, knowledgeable, and genuinely helpful.
  5. Confidentiality: They take data privacy seriously. From encrypted transactions to a firm commitment to not sharing personal details, users can be assured of confidentiality.
  6. Versatile Service Range: From essays and research papers to editing and proofreading, their array of services caters to a broad spectrum of academic needs.

Cons (or Suggestions for Improvement):

  1. Website Design: While the website is user-friendly, a more modern and dynamic design could enhance the user experience further.
  2. Additional Resources: While they offer a lot of information, providing more free resources, such as sample essays or writing guides, could be beneficial for students.
  3. Loyalty Program Clarity: The loyalty program is great, but a more detailed explanation or a dedicated section on the website would help users understand its benefits better.

In conclusion, while the pros overwhelmingly outweigh the cons, there’s always room for improvement. However, based on my experience and the consensus from various Boom Essays reviews, it’s clear that they are among the top-tier essay writing services available today.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Reflecting on my journey with, a few key points stand out, underscoring why this platform has earned such a positive reputation:

  1. Quality Above All: My essay on “The Ethical Implications of AI in Modern Healthcare” was a testament to the platform’s commitment to delivering top-tier content. Detailed, well-researched, and eloquently written, the essay was a product of expertise and dedication.
  2. Timeliness: Not only did they adhere to the 7-day deadline, but the essay also arrived two days early, exemplifying their commitment to punctuality.
  3. Transparency: The clear pricing structure, combined with the ease of navigation on their website, creates a user experience that’s both reassuring and convenient.
  4. Client-Centric Approach: From the efficient customer support to the accommodating revision policy, every aspect of the service felt tailored to ensure customer satisfaction.

Drawing from my personal experience and the numerous positive Boom Essays review testimonials, it’s evident that they are a trustworthy essay writing service. They genuinely strive for excellence, and more often than not, they achieve it.


  • For High School & College Students: Whether it’s a basic essay or a complex research paper,’s diverse team of writers can cater to varied academic needs.
  • For Master’s & Ph.D. Candidates: With their commitment to quality and depth, more advanced academic requirements can be confidently entrusted to them.
  • For Anyone Seeking Editing & Proofreading: Beyond writing, their additional services are top-notch, perfect for anyone wanting to polish their work.


After my comprehensive experience with, I believe a rating breakdown is essential to provide a succinct summary of their service across different criteria:

Quality of Writing: 9.5/10

  • The depth, research, and language proficiency in my essay on “The Ethical Implications of AI in Modern Healthcare” was truly commendable. They narrowly miss a perfect score because there’s always room for improvement.

Ease of Navigation & User Experience: 9/10

  • The website is intuitive, user-friendly, and mobile-optimized, making the ordering process smooth.

Punctuality & Adherence to Deadlines: 10/10

  • Delivering two days before the stipulated deadline speaks volumes about their commitment to punctuality.

Customer Support: 9.5/10

  • Prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable representatives made the entire process seamless. Their swift response to queries and concerns adds value to the overall experience.

Pricing & Affordability: 9/10

  • Given the quality of content, their pricing is justified. The occasional discounts and loyalty programs further enhance affordability.

Confidentiality & Security: 10/10

  • With top-notch encryption and a stringent privacy policy, they ensure that client details remain confidential and secure.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Drawing from both my personal experience and the myriad of positive Boom Essays reviews across various platforms, I feel that an overall rating of 9.5 out of 10 aptly represents the quality and reliability of their service.

For students or professionals looking for academic assistance, stands out as a top contender in the market. Their holistic approach, emphasizing both quality and customer satisfaction, justifies their reputation. Anyone perusing a Boom Essays review in hopes of clarity, let this serve as an endorsement: they are worth your time and trust.

Website address:

What is Boom Essays?

Boom Essays is a professional online essay writing service dedicated to assisting students with their diverse academic needs. Offering a wide range of writing solutions, from standard essays to comprehensive research projects, the platform is known for its high-quality content, punctuality, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Combining transparent pricing with top-notch customer support, Boom Essays stands as a reliable choice for students seeking expert academic assistance.

Is Boom Essays Reliable?

Absolutely. The service is more than reliable. Boom Essays has earned a reputation for its consistent delivery of high-quality academic content tailored to individual student requirements. The platform is not only committed to producing well-researched and original content but also places a strong emphasis on punctuality, ensuring that deadlines are met, if not exceeded. The transparency in their pricing, combined with their robust customer support and a clear confidentiality policy, further attests to their reliability. Numerous positive testimonials and reviews further validate the trustworthiness and consistency of their services.

Why is Boom Essays a Good Service?

Boom Essays stands out as a premier service due to its unwavering commitment to academic excellence and customer satisfaction. The platform boasts a team of skilled writers who craft well-researched, authentic content tailored to individual requirements. Their transparent pricing structure, devoid of hidden costs, ensures that students receive value for their money. Additionally, Boom Essays excels in punctuality, often delivering ahead of deadlines. Their responsive customer support, coupled with a user-friendly website and a firm stance on maintaining confidentiality, makes the entire experience seamless for students. The myriad of positive reviews and testimonials further underline their reputation as a top-tier academic writing service.

Is Boom Essays Legit?

Yes, Boom Essays is unquestionably legitimate. The service operates with a clear and transparent business model, offering students a wide range of academic writing solutions crafted by professional writers. Their adherence to high-quality standards, combined with a rigorous anti-plagiarism policy, ensures that all content delivered is original and of top-tier quality. Additionally, Boom Essays maintains a robust privacy policy, ensuring that all personal and transactional data of its users remain confidential.

How much does it cost to order an essay at

The cost of ordering an essay at varies based on several factors including the academic level, type of paper, number of pages, and the deadline. The platform offers a transparent pricing structure with a basic rate that starts at $12.99 per page for standard essays. However, prices can increase depending on the complexity and urgency of the order. It’s worth noting that frequently offers discounts and promotional deals, which can further reduce the overall cost. For a precise estimate tailored to specific requirements, their website features a handy price calculator that provides an instant quote.

What if I’m not happy with the paper received?

If you’re not satisfied with the paper you receive from, the platform has a robust revision policy in place to address such concerns. You can request a revision, detailing the specific changes or improvements you’d like, and their team will make the necessary adjustments promptly. Their primary aim is to ensure customer satisfaction, so they’re willing to make multiple revisions until the paper meets your expectations. Furthermore, offers a money-back guarantee, providing additional assurance. If, after revisions, the paper still doesn’t meet your standards, you can refer to their refund policy to understand the conditions under which a refund can be availed.

Why is Boom Essays the best essay writing service in the U.S.?

Boom Essays has distinguished itself as one of the best essay writing services in the U.S. due to its unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality academic content tailored to students’ unique requirements. The platform combines a team of expert writers, proficient in various academic fields, with a customer-centric approach, ensuring each client receives personalized attention. Their transparent pricing, punctuality in delivering assignments, and robust support system further enhance the user experience. Additionally, Boom Essays places significant emphasis on authenticity, maintaining rigorous anti-plagiarism standards, and ensuring every piece of content is original. With a track record of consistent positive reviews and a reputation for excellence, Boom Essays has established itself as a top-tier choice for students across the U.S. seeking reliable academic assistance.

Is Boom Essays a scam?

No, Boom Essays is not a scam. It is a legitimate essay writing service that has built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality academic content to students across various academic levels. Their transparent business operations, clear pricing structure, and commitment to customer satisfaction are evidence of their authenticity. The platform employs professional writers who produce original content tailored to individual client specifications.

Who are the writers at Boom Essays?

The writers at Boom Essays are a team of seasoned professionals with expertise in various academic fields. These writers are meticulously selected based on their qualifications, experience, and proficiency in academic writing. Many hold advanced degrees, ranging from Master’s to Ph.D. levels, ensuring that they possess both the knowledge and the skills required to produce high-quality content across diverse subjects. Boom Essays places a significant emphasis on continuous training and development, ensuring that their writers stay updated with current academic standards and styles. This dedicated team is at the heart of the platform’s success, consistently delivering well-researched and tailored essays that meet the unique requirements of each client.

Are there any discount codes for

Yes, Boom Essays frequently offers promotional discounts to both new and returning customers. For first-time users, there’s a special discount code: BOOM15, which grants a 15% reduction in the total cost of the initial order. This incentive is part of the platform’s efforts to welcome new clients and provide them with an opportunity to experience their top-tier services at a reduced rate. Additionally, they occasionally roll out seasonal and special promotions, so it’s always a good idea to check their website or inquire with their customer support for any current offers.

How to hire an essay writer using

Hiring an essay writer on is a straightforward process. Start by visiting the website and clicking on the ‘Order Now’ button. You’ll be guided to a form where you can input the specifics of your essay, including the type, topic, number of pages, academic level, and deadline. After detailing your requirements, you can review the price quote and proceed to payment. Once the payment is confirmed, will assign a writer best suited for your essay’s subject and complexity. Throughout the process, you can communicate with the writer or the support team to address any queries or provide additional instructions. Upon completion, the essay will be available for download through your account on the platform.



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