Can I tell you how often I’ve been tempted to write a brand new story once it popped into my head?
Deannah Robinson

[NaNoWriMo] Deannah Robinson, I don’t even open a new doc to write my errant thoughts!

I just keep writing in my novel draft. Maybe others would say my tangents shouldn’t count towards 50k, but I think yes. They’re important. Getting past and through every writing block I have is the most important thing for me in November.

I use an app for my first, NaNo draft that won’t let me edit at all —I can only go forward, typos and all! I know the draft is going to be 60% crap and 40% gold (or even 80/20, TBH), but it’s 50k, and it’s a start, and it’s much better than the nothing I had on October 31st.

You can do this!!!

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