On James Baldwin and How Oppressors Try to Misuse Him to Shame Me
Son of Baldwin

As a big, queer, female, Jew Baldwin’s comments about (many) gay White Americans are spot on the money. If you are gay, your whiteness will not protect you. And in the present culture, if you are not a member of the right philosophical and religious bent, your whiteness and heterosexuality may well not protect you.

I doubt that my father ever read James Baldwin, but his comments about the difference between the North and South were ones my father made to me when I mentioned I had a crush on a black classmate when I was all of 11 years old. I should have been pointed to Baldwin as a child.

I’m an engineer, raised in a family of engineers, and I’ve read entirely too little fiction in my life. THANK-YOU so much for opening my eyes to more of Baldwin because he’d have otherwise stayed in the category of “I don’t read fiction.”

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