I don’t think it’s a startup problem specifically… I think it’s an empathy problem, and sadly many…
Peter Bonney

I agree 100% with everyone else who is agreeing with you, and I’m going to disagree, but on a different point.

Do you know what I want from my employer? I want awesome challenges and an amazing team. I don’t want or need ping pong tables, beer kegs, juice bars OR bean bag chairs. I want an awesome product management team which can fully capture customer requirements, and a solid architectural team which turns requirements into product design and layout, and a high-performance development team which is chomping at the bit to put fingers to keyboard.

I want to make stuff. That’s why I got into this field — to turn thoughts into reality. I don’t need a keg to write a design spec. I need a product team that worked with customers to figure out what I’m going to design and/or code.

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