Whenever A White Supremacist Says…
Son of Baldwin

If you look at Philando Castile, he was murdered for doing what white people are told they need to go out and do so they can protect themselves — buy a gun and carry it all the time.

Here was a perfect opportunity for white ammosexuals to protest the violation of their sacred right to carry guns around and there was … silence. No marches by the same white people who carried rifles slung over their back in department stores a few years back, no marches by the less crazy white people with CHLs all over the country, and no marches, protests, press releases, calls for legislation protecting CHL holders with guns from police from the mother-ship of ammosexuality, the NRA.

Contrary to what one respondent said, Jared Steven Leone isn’t a single data point. A few years back there was a Twitter hash tag in which white people mentioned crimes they committed and didn’t get shot or abused by the police after doing so. Some people understood that as a blatant display of white privilege, but however the speakers intended their words to be received — boasting about white privilege, exposing white privilege, or just another data point to give lie to what people say “if blacks only …” — those are data points. And there were a lot of them.

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