Stop Making Everything Perfect For Your Kid

Thank you for bringing attention to a growing problem. I am very proud of my son, now 19, for his leadership ability, strong sense of right and wrong, and his open heart to all colors, religions and sexual orientations. He plans on being a police officer, and he will be awesome. However, these traits made him a difficult child, and it was a struggle to manage him without squashing those things that we knew would be assets to him as an adult. I will be forever grateful to all the other adults in his life who helped rein him in through the years it took for him to throttle back his leadership a bit, and to see right & wrong as flexible, not absolute. His teachers, his extended family, his friends parents, his Sifu. It really does take a village, after all, we all hope our children will be villagers, not living on a deserted island. Or prison. Which is where society puts those who can’t play well with others.

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