Why I No Longer Aspire to be on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve admired Oprah. I have clear memories of coming home from high school, getting comfortable on the couch, and tuning into her daily talk show. As an adult, and a new mother, I watched her finale episode while nursing my son. And in 2016, it was her show on OWN, Super Soul Sunday, that planted seeds for me to live what I now call my E.P.I.C. life. And caused me to dream about, during the day and in my literal dreams, meeting Oprah and one day being a guest on her show.

Over the last year, inspired by a conversation Elizabeth Gilbert had with Oprah, I’ve realized I’m on my own “hero’s journey,” one in which I am the author of my story, can be mindfully engaged in my children’s lives AND pursue my dreams.

For the first time, I’m an official business owner. In December, on my 45th birthday, I launched a podcast as a present to myself and I’ve interviewed incredible mothers (from Women’s March Organizer Paola Mendoza to Daily Worth CEO Amanda Steinberg) doing important work in the world. I’ve welcomed in a community of hundreds of like-minded women to my private group and recently opened the figurative doors to my coaching programs.

There are other signs of change in my E.P.I.C. life. I attended my first march and town hall, and have been exercising a new activist muscle. I’m literally using my voice (on the podcast and on live-streams) and beginning to speak and write about issues I would have been too afraid to explore before, for fear of saying the wrong thing or facing harsh judgement. And, I’ve brought into clearer focus other desires, like the creation of a social venture fund to seed mothers’ powerful ideas for community change and the writing of a book.

But among all these changes, there is a mindset shift in the works that feels most powerful of all. It’s a realization that I need to look internally for the validation I seek. A belief in myself and a knowing that I’m here to make an impact that is uniquely mine to make, without depending on others endorsement of that impact to make it real.

So, as I write this, I reflect on the things that matter most — that I grow into the fullest expression of who I can be, that I live a life based on the things that matter most so I can set a powerful example for my children to do the same, that I make a positive impact as a citizen, coach and community builder, and that I courageously tell the truth of my journey to help light the way for others.

I realize that although I would love to meet Oprah and sit “under the oaks” (while discussing the powerful book I’ve yet to write!) that’s not really what I aspire to. What I aspire to is to live a life of meaning and impact, of daring and stretching, of reflection and clarity…one that would be worthy of an epic discussion on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. That’s what really matters. And, I’m on my way.

What about you? What are you on a quest for? What do you most aspire to? Leave a comment, send me an email at julie@mothersquest.com or join our Facebook group at www.facebook.com/groups/mothersquest to join the conversation there.

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