Six Hundred Seconds

Probably one of my favorite little side projects I’ve been involved with over the years is Six Hundred Seconds. It was back in 2012/13 and Beth G and I were both living in NYC working as Creative Directors. The premise was simple — ideas are easy and free, and you only need to take 10 minutes out of your day to think of a few. 10 minutes being Six Hundred Seconds. Each day we’d go find a coffee shop (often a bar), give ourselves a random word as inspiration and time ourselves to see what we could come up with. I just happened to look back on the ideas today - some made me laugh, some made me cringe, and some have actually now been done — which is cool. Like most people, I believe an idea is just an idea and the key to success is team and execution — nevertheless this was a fun exercise for the brain. I think we may start doing it again. So if you have a word, leave it in the comments and see what you get back (usefulness can’t be guaranteed ;).

Here’s a copy and paste of a few random days worth from the archived site:

Tuesday 19th March 2013

Today’s inspiration: Beauty


Seen someone hot on the streets? Snap their pic and take their details and upload to an app that connects directly to various model scouting agencies… If they get booked, you get a kick back.

Beauty Fix

Pop up 10 minute make-up fix pods in city centres.

Make Me Up

Hailo but for make-up artists — get your make-up done wherever you might be, by a verified make-up artist.

Work it World

Each day an app dictates what look you should be aiming for — from preppy to fashionista. Snap your outfit and share with the world. Earn kudos and discounts from your favourite brands.

My Make-up

Upload your made up face to an app, detail which products you used. Include links to buy and earn affiliate revenue.

Sunday 17th March 2013

Today’s inspiration: Cycling


Never forget your bike light again. A waterproof pod that fixes on the front of your bike for your iPhone. Plug it in and activate the flashlight — have light AND charge as you pedal.

Use your bike to earn bucks, or get your delivery done for dirt cheap. Bikely is a network of everyday cyclists that have signed up to make deliveries on demand. Anyone can sign up to this alternative courier network. Need to get your house keys to your friend over the other side of the city? Bikely are here to help.

An app that lets you gauge how safe an area is to lock up your bike. Contributed to by cyclists all over the city.

Boris bike not available? No biggie… Rent a bike from a friendly person nearby instead. Check out where the nearest bike is to you on a map.
Road Race

Plot your route and challenge other cyclists to beat your best time. Set new routes and challenges.

Heavy bike locks are a pain to haul around. Instead use a Lockalot — a public bike lock attached to bike stands. Simply text the number on the lock for a unique access code and away you go.

Tuesday 19th February 2013

Today’s inspiration: Hotels

Business Buddy

Travelling on business and not looking forward to ANOTHER dinner for one? Find out who else in in the same situation, in your area, or hotel, and get a dinner conversation companion, or two, three of four.

Story Of Room 101

A project to document the story of one hotel room and all the guests who stay in it. We provide a camera, and a note pad, all you have to do is click a photo, and write down something about yourself.


Don’t pay more just because you’re travelling solo. Bring down the cost of your hotel stay, by finding a stranger to share your twin room.

Hangover Hotel

Beds for hire in a communal hotel ward, designed specifically to help you hit your hangover hard. From saline drips, to soothing music, you’ll walk away a new person.

Monday 18th February 2013

Today’s inspiration: Fitness

Here’s what we got:

Body Shape Changer

Using real pictures of yourself, taken every day, we map how your body is changing, so you can see the effects of your workouts, diets, or even pregnancy, on your actual body. Proving it’s not all about weight, body shape changer is a great way of seeing that you’re really getting results.

Run The World

A responsive treadmill in a 360degree video pod plugged into Google street maps. Pick a route to run anywhere in the world from Santiago to San Francisco and be wowed by your surroundings.

Pop Up Playground

Don’t you just hate the way playgrounds are only for kids. Why should you stop playing just because you’re an adult — YOU SHOULDN’T. Pop Up Playground is an adventure playground that pops up in city parks… the only restriction is you have to be an adult to play.

Egg and Spoon

A iPhone app where you have to balance a virtual egg on your phone. Race your friends.