Me too

Me too because it’s true and real and painful still, and because I affirm and join other voices.

Me too but

Me too but for my own reasons, I won’t share the “what” or “by whom” in this forum (and that’s a problem).

Me too but I’m not the victim of something nameless and impersonal;

I’m not the victim of some non-human entity we all agree is bad like “breast cancer” or “heart disease”;

I’m the victim of someone with a name and a face and good qualities and bad qualities and kind friends and good intentions and unforgivable actions for which no responsibility will be taken.

Me too but

Me too but that doesn’t surprise you. It’s not the me, the object, who would surprise you, it’s the unnamed subject of the unnamed act.

And “me too” is good for solidarity and visibility, but what if it was “him too” (#notallmen, sure whatever, but him)? What if we pointed out the HIMs?

What if we addressed the reasons (valid, justified in context) holding us back from doing so?

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