And It’s Harming Puget Sound Orcas

Southern Resident killer whale with calf in Puget Sound. (Credit: NOAA National Ocean Service, 2004)

Our oceans are getting steadily louder, and that’s undermining the recovery of endangered whales, including Puget Sound orcas. But we keep ignoring the increasing underwater noise we’re creating, and instead of addressing the problem, we’re planning to make the disorienting cacophony even worse.

The latest example is the planned dredging and expansion of Seattle Harbor to bring in larger, louder container ships. …

Diane Wilson (left), lead plaintiff in the successful lawsuit challenging Formosa Plastics pollution, helps Julie Teel Simmonds load up boxes of her case’s evidence for transportation to NURDLEFEST 2019 in Louisiana. (Credit: Delia Ridge Creamer)

A rented truck, a huge load of plastic nurdles and a warning to Louisiana

By Julie Teel Simmonds and Delia Ridge Creamer

Formosa Plastics polluted Texas waterways with plastic pellets produced by its Point Comfort petrochemical complex for years, recently settling a Clean Water Act lawsuit in which it had been found liable for $50 million. Now the company wants to build an even bigger plant along the Mississippi River in St. James Parish, Louisiana.

Rise St. James, the Louisiana Bucket Brigade and other local groups have been fighting to stop the plant from being built in an area that already has so much industrial pollution it’s known as Cancer Alley. …

Rising plastic production needs strict new federal pollution controls

Plastic pellets discharged by a Formosa Plastics plant line waterways in Texas. (Credit: Diane Wilson/San Antonio Bay Estuarine Waterkeeper)

Reprinted from Houston Chronicle

From Padre Island to the Florida Keys, the Gulf of Mexico is turning into a plastic soup. Researchers are finding microplastic trash in almost every water sample collected from the Gulf, at some of the highest concentrations reported in the world. And the situation is about to get far worse — off the Texas coast and in other U.S. waterways.

That’s because the petro-plastic industry is embarking on a reckless expansion boom. …

Julie Teel Simmonds

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