Urgent hiring.
Urgent application.
Urgent services.
Urgent midnight calls.
Urgent response. Write ups. Meetings.

The hell with urgency.

Urgent exam reviews.
Urgent tests 
Urgent shits in everything

But why urgent love doesn't exist? Why is there an exception? Why love has to take time even if you can feel it by heart and made up your mind that it's gonna be it.

Why is there an urgency of annulments? Why is there an urgency to get certificate of singleness? to get married again? What does make it urgent? It has to take years and years. Why can't people take it slow and think again if they could fix unwanted dilemmas in their relationship.

Why make an urgent decision if it will just hurt you at the end? Why make it urgent if you can reckon it twice with a more peaceful mind? Why it has to be as quick as urgency.

A lot of things get messed up because of urgency. Urgency please stop.