Earlier today, I posted a few of my old pieces, one of which was a run-down of local options for recycling various things. The story is so dated that even the name of Austin’s recycle center has changed, not to mention all of the links.

The best place to go if you want to know what to do with something you’re trying to dispose of is What Do I Do With…, courtesy of Austin Resource Recovery. Just start typing in the search box, and a drop-down list will populate with options for you to choose from.

Sorry, “dead body” isn’t on the list. You’ll have to ask Siri.

EDIT: Or not! Siri is no longer able to answer that question:
Siri’s Dead Body Joke Is Evidence in a Murder Trial.

I’ve moved julieholden.com here, to Medium. Frustrated by the vulnerability of WordPress, I decided to make a fresh start. My WP site was recently hacked, and fixing it required more knowledge of coding than I’ve ever had.

My site has always been about writing, so my friend and former Tech Writing colleague, Anne Gentle, suggested I try Medium. (She sent me this article describing Signal v. Noise’s move here.)

I’m populating my publication with old stories from my WP site, so you’ll see a bit of dated content dribble in over the next few days. Meanwhile, here’s a recent picture from one of our weekly walks (at a minimum) on the San Gabriel River.

Julie Holden

Living in the wild wild west.

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