You may not enjoy David Foster Wallace but that by no means he is a white man’s author.
Natalie Helberg

Thank you, Natalie, for expressing my very own thoughts. You hit the nail on the head. To read only one of DFW’s books is to never know who he truly was, and that’s part of the reason why Deirdre Coyle feels the way she does. He was a complex, tortured man, who I believe, was never able to express himself completely, and I think that’s why he said “how odd I can have all this inside of me, and to you it’s just words.” His thoughts aren’t merely words, they’re enthralling depictions of life and of what it means to be a flawed human. I know my efforts might be fruitless, but I think Deirdre should read Oblivion, and if nothing else then the story of ‘Good Old Neon’. His thoughts may mirror her own.

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