The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb.
Sean Blanda

Sean Blanda ~ I totally agree with what you said here. I don’t think it matters so much to try to change a person’s point of view as to understand what their point of view is. Once we start to hear each other, we can find areas of agreement. IMO, that’s the point where understanding starts and progress can be made.

It’s unfortunate that we have come to the point that when we sense that we disagree with someone, we can write them off and often indicate their stupidity for not agreeing with us.

“Facts” are pieces of evidence that may or may not add up to the truth. Because ice doesn’t melt at below zero doesn’t mean that global warming is a farce. And statistics are the mischievous younger siblings of facts that glue a quarter to the ground and laugh at the people who try to pick it up.

I would tweek one thing you said, though. You said we should consider the fact that we may be wrong. I think we should never let loose of the fact that we ARE wrong. Anyone who believes that he or she has everything right ~ even on one subject ~ is deluding himself.

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