My Kid Learned More from Mario Maker than I Did from a Marketing Major
Isaac Morehouse

“When I try to directly teach my kids this stuff they scoff or sigh or roll their eyes or play dead hoping I’ll go for help so they can finally escape my words of wisdom.” Bwahahaha! ‘play dead.’ This is so true. When we insist that our kids accept our ‘wisdom’ (when it is neither relevant or remotely interesting to them,) the kids respond with clarity — “no thanks!” If only we would respect them and truly listen to how they learn (by following their interests and doing what they love.) They know when we are trying to control them, and they push back in response. They teach us, very clearly, the ways in which they DON’T learn well. Learning is natural until we well-meaning adults get all scared and serious about what they MUST learn (which some dreary folks decided waaaay back in the olden days). If we continue to push, we kick the joy of learning straight to the curb. If we relax, listen and communicate, their natural desire to grow and contribute will flourish. Great post!

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