To the entitled jerk on my flight at 2:00 AM
Mirah Curzer

I was on a long flight from Copenhagen to LAX a couple of weeks ago and I was sitting near a guy who was not this consistently terrible to everyone but he chose to be extremely rude to one person in particular. He was seated next to a young(ish) Hispanic pre-teen kid in the middle seat, whose mother was also on the plane, but had a seat in a different section. On occasion, the mom would pop over to check on her son/stretch her legs/etc. The asshole sitting next to the kid was immediately so horrified and annoyed that this mother would be chatting with her son in the middle seat that he at one point actually used his arms to block her view of her son, using some not-so-subtle body language. I don’t think he ever physically pushed her away but over the course of the flight, he “shooed” her away with his hands and was verbally aggressive to her in front of her son, who was just being checked on. I feel terrible for not saying anything.

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