Why 1 View is Everything
Gary Vaynerchuk

And 1 view can make all of the difference for one person. Yesterday I met up with a lovely woman who I met several years ago when our kids played soccer together. We became Facebook friends and never spoke again. I rarely saw her posts and she never liked or commented on mine. Yet when I posted a few days ago that I had received copies of my book, 30 Days of Gratitude, she commented and ordered a copy right away.

What she told me was that she’s been watching what I post and how it’s positive and inspiring but she didn’t have the courage to take action. I didn’t even know she was paying attention.

Years later, here we are. And I’ve been able to be of service to her while she’s going through a tough time. So, yes, that one view mattered tremendously at this particular moment in time.

Thanks Gary.

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