5 Brilliant Decorating Hacks Everyone Should Do

When you invest time and money into your home space, you are going to be pleased with the results. No one wants to come home to a cold, undecorated space. Make sure that you tailor your home with these 5 brilliant decorating hacks that everyone should do. It doesn’t take a lot of time to do these things, but the result of your work is going to benefit you for years to come.

Showcasing your home in the best light will allow you to feel at ease there, especially when you are entertaining guests.

1. Even If You Rent Make It Your Home

Once you use a site like Rent Safari to find your next apartment, find out if you can make minor modifications. Sometimes landlords will let you custom paint the walls to your liking, if you ask nicely. You can always add other custom touches like beautiful floor rugs to enhance hardwood, or putting artwork on the walls.

1. Custom Decorating Is Key

Remember that episode of “Friends” where Phoebe and Rachel were living together? Rachel loved everything from the popular store, Pottery Barn, but Phoebe was against it because their stuff was like everyone else’s. Phoebe was on to something. You want your place to be a reflection of you. That means custom decorating is so very important. It shows off your own style and taste, not some big box store that everyone flocks too. Be who you are when you decorate, and not with the same stuff everyone gets.

2. Get Inspired

Having the right setting outside your home or apartment can give you extra living space. You’ll want to spend time outside in the nice weather no matter where you live. Find outdoor structure inspiration like gazebos, pergolas and workshops, and find ways to bring those designs inside. The right outdoor furniture, greenery, and you can even get luxe with your space by doing a landscaped waterfall, or bird bath. You’ll be inspired by the beauty of your outdoor space each time you get to sit out there.

4. Bring Some Greenery Inside

Plants not only look amazing inside a home, but they can contribute to healthier air as well. Some interesting plants to try that are low maintenance are spider plants, Areca palms, and the old school Ficus plants. They never go out of style, and will add some warm ambiance to your home.

5. Refurbishing Can Save You Money

Not buying everything new can also save you money when you are decorating your home. You can refurbish just about anything from couches to dressers. Even a simple lamp can become something special with a touch of paint and a new lamp shade. So don’t be afraid to source your friends who are giving away items, garage sales, and salvage shops for terrific deals that will make your home truly special.