50 Genius Metallic Tattoo Designs

Tattoos and style go hand in hand. They not only come in colors and shades, the modern version has given birth to metallic shine. Genius metallic tattoo designs come in a multitude of sheen and statement designs. If I would get a tattoo, then undoubtedly metallic canvases would be my ideal choice. They are girly, high spirited, fun and alluring to the eyes. It can also be used as adornment for hands and even face.

These tattoos are done as rings on fingers or bracelets on wrists, as neck piece illusion. Add a touch of girly intricate designs and make it impressive. They don’t look like permanent but that’s what makes it different from the other tattoo inks. You can choose from multitudes of patterns without going overboard.

You can prefer the Aztec trend or the rustic prints. Anyway it’s cool and sexy on the conventional tattooing counterparts. They are done by girls mostly and can entice even a tattoo hater to get one on their body parts. It gives you the freedom to choose the size and shapes to get those patches on.

Get a metallic effect on your body and fall in love with tattoos. Have a look at these amazing masterpieces.