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This is my foot at Emerald Isle. Needless to say? Photo credit goes to moi.

I was sitting at my mom’s house with her, my sister, her fiancé, my husband and my ridiculously cool visiting uncle and aunt from New Mexico. It was kind of a multi-celebration; their visit and my birthday.

Mom makes a lemon cake that she pokes holes in after it has cooled and pours lemon jell-O over the top and pops it in the refrigerator to set. This year, I’d asked her to try strawberry instead of the usual lemon, as it’s my favorite flavor of chilled gelatin desserts.

Long story short, it was really good, but Mom still prefers the lemon. We were all sitting around joking about we were all happy, except for her.

“I’m happy enough,” my mom stated.

My uncle said that the phrase sounded like the title of a new book.

Of course, I said that I may have to borrow that line, because I could write a piece from that one statement.

So here goes:

Is happy enough sufficient?

In my humble opinion? Yes! Absolutely!

So many people in the world aren’t happy, so being happy enough is…well, a good thing. But…

There is always room for more happiness, and if it can be found? Grab it with both hands.

For example, I live about 70 miles inland from my favorite coastal spot; Emerald Isle, North Carolina. It’s an easy 90 minute ride from the house. Ideally, I would like to retire there. That would make me insanely happy!

I don’t live there, now, but my husband and I have a home that is in need of upgrades, but we are comfortable, with an outdoor living space and a mid-sized in-ground pool and the ability to make the needed improvements. I have a day job that is fairly satisfying on most days and a boss who pretty much leaves me to my own devices. I haven’t screwed anything up, as of yet.

Am I happy? I’m happy enough; just happy enough for me to think outside the box and reach for goals that I’m not necessarily comfortable with, but know that if I reach them? I will be placing myself in a position to be happier. (Ultimately the retirement house at the beach, as I mentioned earlier.)

When I get there, will that be the ultimate in happiness? I hope not. Being “happy enough” doesn’t allow one to set the stage for complacency. “Happy enough” allows for more growth, expansion, the completion of new and/or different projects.

I hope to always be happy enough to be okay, but still reaching for more, because more is always good when you get there! While good is good? Great is better, and settling is not an option.

Don’t be that person that sits on their haunches just waiting for happiness to find you. Go find what makes you happy enough, and then set yourself up for more.

You’re still sitting there? Go! Make it happen! You’ll be glad that you did.

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Wife. Mom. Nana. Daughter. Sister. Photographer, wordsmith, lover of life and neither left nor right.

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