Virtual Reality For Fitness; My Introduction to Quest VR…

So, this happened:

I was/am overweight. It’s not a big secret.

That being said, I went to my Mom’s house last month. My Seester lives there, too, so that is where this all starts.

My Seester had been wanting me to come and play her Virtual Reality headset, so when I went the night before my mom’s heart valve replacement, we had some time to kill, so I tried it and I LOVED it. Like, went head-over heels kind of love!

I wear an Apple Watch, and have closed all three rings on it daily for just over two years. Why, then, you are probably asking, am I overweight? I believe it’s because you can’t outrun a really bad diet. Calories in versus calories out. It’s just simple math. I was eating a LOT more than I was burning. …

I Can’t Even…Because Poop Was Involved!

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I had to laugh. I have a three year old grandson that is very comfortable doing Number One in the back yard during pool season. Today? He took that *ahem* crap to a whole other level!

His great grandmother on my bonus daughter’s mother’s side had him today and took him to the park, where he played for awhile, and then nature called. (Yeah. Think about that for a minute, LOL.)

Not in the Number One realm, though. I’m still laughing as I type this! Apparently, Little Man had to drop a deuce while they were at the park. So he found a bush and did his business, much to the mortification of his great grandmother. …

Michael is Coming This Way…

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I haven’t written much, lately. I’ve been tied up with our insurance adjuster, screening contractors, medicating one of our dogs three times a day, and a forty-hour a week day job. While trying to fix things from Hurricane Florence three weeks ago, I have learned about Tropical Storm Michael, who may very well make its presence known in my neck of the woods.

No. Just no.


Our insurance experience has been a fucking joke. (Pardon my French, please, as there may be more of that forthcoming.) We lost 2/3 of our six foot wood panel privacy fence. Three panels (two of which are the gate) are currently down, two are being held up by rope tied to not entirely broken off fence posts. …


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