There are no enemies in this great drama of Love.

I’ve been listening to my bodysoul. She’s watched me responding to such harshness in the voices, faces, and actions of those who are leading my country. Signs of people in fear, people needing to dominate and control. Fundamentalism and authoritarianism of the highest order. When I feel into the images of these fellow human beings, what I see missing is compassion, tenderness, heart, a desire to connect and relate. There is little yin to soften their yang. Fear can do this to anyone, to all of us. It does it to me. And I do not want to add to this.

My bodysoul tells me that this rigidity is not our way anymore. She knows the Feminine is awake in us. She is alive in us. She moves us more fluidly now, more fluid breath and blood and marrow. She is teaching us how to be tender and fiery at the same time, liquid ‘No’s rising up from the belly that don’t perpetuate fear and hate but instead sing of Love as they reverberate through these golden lit layers of heart.

The Feminine knows of this, knows how to now be sovereign in body and soul, fiercely loving even in these times. And my bodysoul is teaching me how to know what Love really is, how to move with Grace and graciousness, how to respond with compassion and power from within.

The new way is already here. She has risen, returned. She is here to dance with a masculine no longer needing to dominate and control. A masculine in all of us and each of us who can soften to Her touch and gaze and way. She doesn’t make us weak. She makes us fluid and connected and compassionate, Her yin rising to meet His yang.

A great death rattle is sounding. The dying one is afraid, fighting, resisting the rhythmic cycles of Life. We are learning to be bedside lovers to the dying one, bringing roses to scent these last breaths, honoring the Life as it has been lived while companioning it to the threshold of its return. And, we are listening into the becoming of the new, still wet behind the ears, momma still licking the wet sack loose from its Being.

We are active Lovers of both this great death and this great birth, moving fluidly across this liquid bridge, the bodysoul our guide for how to navigate these times.

Don’t lose heart. Stay attuned to the deeper insistent and persistent glorious Silence that is the fluid ground of All. There are no enemies in this great drama of Love.

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