There is Beauty in Existence.

It is Eros.

I went for a long walk last evening. An hour before the sun went down. There was a softness in the air. Or maybe it was a softness in me. In my heart. And I could see the magic of this world that we inhabit. I could feel the presence of love in everything. Everyone. Even if they weren’t acting outwardly loving, love was there shining out their eyes.

I stopped to have a bite and sat by an open window with the breeze coming in and others all around me, their conversations a delightful background to the silence within me, so much so that I felt no boundary with life. No sense of other. Just a sea of existence moving as it does. It was a warm summer-autumn evening with the corresponding sense of ease and almost-magic to it, even with the backdrop of the still burning fires just a bit up north.

As I walked home, I could feel this web of love in everything. A web of interrelated existence running through everything and everyone, and that whatever we need, truly need, is always coming to us if we are open. And that everything we have to give, truly to give, is always there to offer if we are open. And that the effort to do so, if you can even call it effort, doesn’t come from efforting but rather from openness and a simple, Yes. Yes, I am here in this body on this Earth. Yes, I am a part of this life, connected to you, a part of the whole. Yes, my belonging comes from my choosing to be here fully and from my willingness to no longer attempt to control the flowering of all that wants to flower — including myself. And from my realization that everything and everyone alive has dignity. And when I feel this web of love none of that is difficult to do because it so clearly just is and my Being knows it as the quality and texture of life, of my life and all life. It is magic and reverence and playfulness. It is sensuous, fluid, and alive. And I saw that while there are still so many laws and structures and systems that attempt to make us believe otherwise, that this love is the ultimate reality. And that one by one we are waking up to this knowing and clarity. It is simple and real and available here now. It is you.

Join me for Awakening Eros. We begin on Wednesday.

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