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Donald Trump has been the front-running Republican candidate since the beginning of the race. 70 percent of republicans think that Trump would not do well in match up debate with Hilary Clinton. People are saying that trump is different than other republicans and he is basically running his own race. He is determined that he is going to be able to shift the minds of democrats and independents to vote for him.


After the polls were finished in Nevada, the results came back with Donald Trump still in the lead. He leads the polls at 34,531 with Marco Rubio leading behind him at 17,940 and Ted Cruz close behind at 16,079. Authorities proved that 47 percent of men in the 52 percent voted Trump, and 45 percent of women out of the 48 percent.

ABC News

Donald Trump is the first candidate to receive a congressional endorsement. However, many republicans are unwilling to accept Trump as a future President. They do not think that he takes his work seriously or that he is really going to help our country. One citizen told ABC that they did not have anymore bad adjectives to describe how much they do not like him as a candidate.

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