Endurance sport influencer activity levels fall due to COVID-19

Freestak has conducted a two-phase online survey among our most active members — all of whom are influencers in the outdoor and endurance sports sectors. On 14 and 21 March, we asked 50 members the same questions about how their situation had changed, from how physically active they were, to whether their brand collaborations had changed, and whether they had modified their social media activity levels.

They also told us which sports brands are doing a great job in this new and challenging context, and how they keep motivated.


  • Lockdowns provoke a marked decrease in physical activity
  • Global physical activity levels show local variation depending on official guidelines
  • Dramatic increase in events cancellations, rapid growth in virtual events


In just seven days, levels of physical activity dropped from “78% still as active as last week” to just above 50%. 52% of our respondents are in lockdown, of which 34% have government guidelines that allow outdoor sports. 12% practice self-isolation despite being allowed out — and 4% admit “flouting the rules to sneak out outdoors for exercise”.

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These figures come with strong local variations, and we clearly see how the drop in physical activity is following the spread of the virus, with North and South America still as active as they were before.


In just seven days, we went from 50% of our respondents having events cancelled to 73%. We expect this to keep rising.


Even though the crisis resulted in 71% of our respondents training less (up from 30% the week before), strong community spirit and resourcefulness are kicking in, and influencers have found other means to stay active, with “at-home training” the favourite at 72%.

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YouTube accounts for 52% of the source of training, with 46% making use of home treadmill or stationary bikes, and 40% gym equipment.

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“I have noticed the sports community coming together and solving cancelled events with virtual events and various training plans.” @Anonymous

As the situation continues to evolve, we expect further decrease in activity due to regulations and more events to be cancelled. The challenge now is for influencers to get creative in not only how to stay active themselves but also inspire their communities too.

The full report is completely free to download [here].

How we can help:

Our platform of >1,500 endurance and outdoors sports content creators (all over Europe and in the USA) can help spread your message effectively. Our team can help you select them, and they can help you with content ideation, strategy or simply spreading the word for you. You could have a campaign live in less than 24hrs, and see results on your analytics dashboard soon after.

We intend to keep monitoring the situation in our sectors and will publish updates to the report regularly. If you have any comments or questions, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line here

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