Fashion Model Workouts that Work According to Julie Gagnon-Erickson

Julie Gagnon-Erickson
Jun 21 · 3 min read

It’s time for the summer season and many individuals are looking to get in peak physical condition. To get you looking your best this summer, fitness enthusiast, Julie Gagnon-Erickson encourages individuals to check out these workout tips that professional models use to get runway ready.

Pilates- Pilates is the ultimate workout for models as it creates length and strength in the body. Using specialized apparatus or just body weight for resistance, Pilates helps to build a suit of armor from within the body, utilizing the deep stabilizer muscles of the body for support.

Yoga — To improve your posture, self-assurance and mental well-being add Yoga to your workouts weekly. Yoga improves your flexibility and range of motion and is a definite confidence booster! It is a low-impact, full body workout that conditions your mind and body, increases core strength and improves overall health and wellness.

Jump Rope — This is one activity easy enough to do at home and it’s a great conditioning tool to add in between your additional strength and weight training each week. Jumping rope helps get you moving, your heart pumping and provides a low-impact exercise option to start your workouts. Ask a friend to join in for a motivating way to start to your workout.

Barre — Models prefer barre workouts because they help with flexibility and core strength, as well as lengthening and toning the body. Check out barre classes in your area for a full-impact workout that hits your core muscles while helping your body recover from high-impact activities.

Boxing — If you are looking for a short, high-intensity and high-calorie burning workout, check out boxing activities in your area. Boxing helps sculpt your arms and core muscles and can be incorporated as a fun and mentally stimulating regular part of your weekly workout. If you are new to boxing, opt for a one-on-one or group training session to help learn the ropes before you begin.

Spinning — Spin classes are wildly popular these days, in part because of the high number of calories you can burn in one short, high-impact session. Spinning tones your legs and core and releases stress throughout the class. You can join a group for an invigorating workout or spin at home with your own tech-savvy machine.

Glute Walks — Try these exercises to warm up your body, get your glutes working and stretch out your legs to improve your workouts and reduce injuries. Walking with the glutes engaged helps to improve endurance and gait!

Medicine Ball — Another stress reducer that hits your core strength is the medicine ball throw. This activity helps with strength and conditioning as well as flexibility and is easy to do on your own or is lots of fun with a partner. The medicine ball can be incorporated into burpees, squats and lunges for additional support and challenge!

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