Dear Cleveland Cavaliers

Julie L. Mohr
Jun 18, 2016 · 3 min read

No matter what, I will still love watching the Cavs the day after the finals. And it is built into my human condition to say, “Next year, we will do it.” But I just want to say something on the eve of the NBA championship final game 7.

I’m tired of being the team highlighted in all the amazing plays as the opposing team, the one who fumbles the ball or blows the save. I’m tired of shows on ESPN and movies on the big screen highlighting how long we have suffered, and how painful it really feels.

I have been a proud fan of the Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns, and the Cleveland Cavaliers my entire life. I grew up playing sports and even as a woman I dreamed of playing against the greats. But my heroes were the most unlikely heroes…because they were always on the losing team.

The shirt I will wear today — needs to have ‘The Splash — 2015’ added

To me, it is at the spirit of the game and it is why sports matter. My family watched the games, shouted at the teams, became silent when we lost. We text before the big games, “Go Browns” “Go Cavs” “Go Tribe”….we don’t text or call when we lose. It is a lifetime of hurt, of missed opportunities. But through it all, I know I stand proud with every other Cleveland sports fan. These are our teams, win or lose.

But I just want to say that I want to know what it feels like just once to win a championship. To watch the city of Cleveland erupt with an all weekend, all week party in the streets. I want to watch as we cry, hug, and dance in the streets. The last championship was the year I was born. A lifetime of ‘almost’, ‘so close’, ‘what ifs’ has to come to end at some point right? Why not now?

I know I sit here today with every other Cleveland fan. I will watch the game with that all too familiar pit in my stomach. The one that comes the day before the big game, and won’t go away, even if we are winning by 20 points. It is the same feeling that makes me turn away from the tv when you can feel the momentum shift to the opposing team….to that feeling I wan’t to just say once in my life, “sit your ass down, we got this one.”

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