So, I have a favorite red jacket. I love it. I wear it often. I was going to wear it today, but I couldn’t take it off the hook.

In fact, I want to throw it in the trash.


Because it has on it the letters, in white against the red, USA.

It’s sad, really.

I took pride in being an American. We have free speech, freedom of religion, and everyone is treated equally.

But, not everyone is treated equally. We have the worst healthcare system in the developed world. We are throwing children into cages because we don’t want “others” here, as if we don’t have home grown problems in the form of a white man with a gun.

We have a racist, nasty, possibly crazy, narcissist in the White House. Tweeting about Lebron James is more important to this guy than dealing with the problems facing this county.

Whenever I want to say “we still live in the greatest country in the world,” I find myself having a hard time forming that sentence.

Women of color can’t send their sons out into the world without worrying that a simple drive to the store can be a threatening situation. We recently passed the one year mark that saw a “pro-white” rally in Charlottesville.

And there are people who still support the Orange Moron, who would probably step on his own kids if it meant saving himself.

I get it — the political system seems to be run by insiders who don’t care about you and me. I really do get the need for some change.

But this isn’t the answer.

Hopefully we can figure it out — make this horrible time a wake up call.

USA — let’s make our country great. Ditch Trump.

I want to be a proud American again.