The Luatix non-profit organization aims to develop full Open Source and Free-To-Use products in the fields of cybersecurity and crisis management. We are extremely grateful to Intrinsec for showing its interest in participating more actively in the Luatix life and projects. As validated by an Extraordinary General Assembly, Intrinsec membership was unanimously approved by all Luatix members (read the Intrinsec blog post in French).

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The Intrinsec team

As our ecosystems and communities are growing, more and more organizations are willing to deploy our products at scale. Intrinsec wants to provide Luatix with new resources in terms of development and product management but also:

  • use OpenCTI to strengthen correlation and detection capacities of its security operation center and incident response…

Develop and spread Open Source solutions

In 2020, we decided with Samuel Hassine to start working on different Open Source projects and to provide various types of community with well designed and efficient pieces of software. Most of our developments are linked to our original expertise or areas of study (cybersecurity, data management, exercises planning, blockchain, etc.).

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The creation of Luatix

After the release of our 2 first projects, OpenEx and OpenCTI, and a growing community effort, we created the Luatix non-profit organization in order to structure and manage the governance of these products. …


Julien Richard

VP of Engineering @ YOOI / Co-Founder @ OpenCTI

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