Playing Fantasy VC Portfolio

Julien Petit
Aug 16, 2019 · 2 min read

During the 2009–2011 period, I made a startup list on Twitter. They were the project that fascinated me the most at the time. The name of this list was “Startup I wanna to invest”.

The goal was to follow the evolution of these startups and learn from it. But also to see if I had a good investment intuition and see if it could help me develop a kind of pattern recognition.

My portfolio has 43 deals.

  • 14 of them failed
  • 7 when through an acquihire deal, thus no return
  • 7 still alive, but they will just survive, making themselves nice SMBs, thus almost no-return
  • 6 are still growing and generating interesting revenues. They could exit, perhaps around $100M to $300M: Mailjet, HackerRank, SkillShare, Gumroad, Banjo, and Uberconference.
  • 1 who is well-performing, close to the unicorn league: Mixpanel
  • 4 unicorns that haven’t exited yet: Asana, Stripe, Postmates, and Quora
  • 4 exits, 3 tiny ones (Leetchi, Cue and Soluto) and 1 big exit (Nest)

The performance of the fund is quite good. With an estimate of $75,9M invested, the current exits generated a return of $286M (thanks to Nest). While the potential return from the one that didn’t exist yet hold an estimated value of $2.408B.

The fund has made x3,8 is initial value and could make up to x35,5 if the reminding startups would perform as they should do…not bad hey! 😂 💪 🦄


1/ Portfolio overview:

2/ Screenshot Twitter list:

Julien Petit

Written by

Founder Mighty9 & Mighty9 School, @LaCuisineDuWeb @BlendWebMix @LaTourDuWeb @J99fundraising

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