The 2 issues with the #MomOn Yoplait new campaign

#MomOn New Yoplait Campaign

I recently read this article about the last Yoplait ad / Youtube video for their new Yogourt. Yoplait is encouraging mothers to #MomOn, which basically means doing what they think is right for their kids/family — breastfeeding in public, stay at home to take care of their kids or go to work. Mothers should not care about other people judging them behind their back or openly, especially when breastfeeding. And they are right !

The Youtube video description is the following:

First rule of motherhood, someone’s always judging. What they don’t know is that you’ve got this mom thing covered the best way… your way. So to all the moms out there, we see you and say, Mom On!

Although I’m not a mom and I never will be, I perfectly understand what Yoplait tried to achieve ie empowering mothers to do what they think is right, including choosing whatever yogurt they want for their kids, even if it’s not fully “healthy” (e.g sugar free). The idea in itself is good but after watching the video for the first time, I immediately felt something was wrong. After watching it 3 times, I was sure it had nothing to do with the fact I was not a mom but with the campaign idea itself.

The issue is actually very simple: moms are not the only one being judged on their choices and actions on a daily basis, EVERYONE is! I am myself a 33 years old manga reader (Japanese comics books)and I’m constantly being judged for it when I read one in public or when I talk about it. People might think that I’m immature, with no social life or that I am a pervert — yes because a majority of people still associate mangas with Hentais ie erotic books. Granted, it is a specific example but it works for everything. If I decided to wear goth clothes or to color my hair green and go out in the street, I would be judged multiple times. When we go out in bars, we judge people constantly on what they wear, who they are hanging out with, what they drink.

To create amazing content, the campaign big idea/insight should be among other things unique. Although moms can indeed be judged for what they are or their choices — harshly sometimes — it is clearly not a mom-only issue. You might say only moms will care for it, not manga readers or green haired people, and you might be right. I am personally not in favor of having an insight that is too universel when you address a specific segment of the population. Any other brand/category can rightfully so use it afterwards, which lessen the overall insight impact. But as it is another debate entirely, let’s discuss the second issue.

The link to the brand, Yoplait, pops up out of nowhere and the transition with the rest of the ad feels very forced. Although I have an issue with the insight lack of uniqueness, it is still a good one, but the way Yoplait tries to squeeze itself in it is not by any mean smooth. It’s only after the 3rd view that I understood what was Yoplait role in this campaign and why I should care about the brand, and how it actually solve anything for moms. What I mean is that comparing breastfeeding in public and giving an authentic recipe Yogurt to your kids is far too stretched to be credible.

Finally, I feel that the advertised product could have been literally replaced by any other product fulfilling the same need — having an authentic snack/ dairy product my kids will love. Yoplait, as a brand, does not bring something really meaningful and different to their consumers because such products already exist in the market — dairy or otherwise. One quick glance at Instagram will convince you.

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