The Google memo: just read it!

I just read the memo from the guy who got fired from Google because it was apparently anti diversity, anti women and a nazi manifesto if you listen to all the leftist voices. I decided not to listen to all these voices and read the memo myself to forge an unbiased opinion. And i was right!

Basically, nothing he says is offensive, anti women or anti race. I may not agree 100% but it’s clearly about facts supported by social researches and in no way the memo says women are inferior to men. He points out psychological differences between men and women and how harmful the current politically correct almighty left leaning stance is / can be. He is even proposing interesting solutions to build a constructive diverse working environment instead of just bashing the system as many newspapers, Google representatives and antifa people would like you to believe.

I dont consider myself a conservative or a right wing guy. I love facts and reasoning. This memo is about facts and reasoning, not feelings and political correctness. You may agree or disagree with these facts or reasoning, it’s up to you. But finding this memo highly anti-feminist/ diversity, that means you forgot what critical thinking was. And if being critical and looking at facts is seen at being a conservative, well i must be one. And i’m sad that a company supposedly opened and proning diversity silenced and censored a different view instead of welcoming it as part of what i would naively thought the definition of diversity.

Diversity is no longer about different point of views today, it’s about agreeing with political correctness. Political correctness is nothing more than disguised censorship.

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