Medium Challenge — Holberton School

As a molecular biologist by trade, I have realized the importance of informatics to solve both basic and advanced issues within every domain of biology, from microscope image acquisition to genome sequencing. Bioinformatics has became inseparable to biology. Despite never having studied informatics or coding, I have always been sincerely interested in it (website building, html/PHP coding, UX etc…), and I have always kept in mind, that one day I could choose this route for my career.

I think the Holberton school is a wonderful project and a good opportunity for me, for many reasons: project based learning is, for me, the best way to learn. The “learning by doing”, and “learning by solving” is by far the most sustainable way to learn because it will never go out of date. I really want to join Holberton school, and be part of this pioneer experience, located in the most innovative part of the world.

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