The reigning absurdity in the digital news economy
Frederic Filloux

Can’t wait for your quality matrix, this recurring “quality” meme is one of the most embarrassing but fascinating part of your quest for “saving” journalism that I’ve followed for 2 years.

In a very “French” way, you always seem to point out that “journalism quality” has an objective value scale, especially on two dimensions.

  1. For you, the topic dealt with seems to be very important. That belief is deeply interesting because I think deciding that talking about wars or corporate evils is more “important” than talking about food, movies or successful companies or whatever else “frivolous” ones is one of the biggest bias of journalists maintaining whole countries like France in collective depression. As we say in French, “on ne parle jamais des trains qui arrivent à l’heure” and I can’t stop thought-experimenting what would be a society where news providers have only a “like” button, promoting what they feel “good” instead of a “dislike” button, criticizing what they feel “bad”
  2. For you, the time spent to produce seems also to be a key, following Marxists’ perspective of time-based value. I think there is (unfortunately?) no correlation between time spent on something and subjective value of it.

So definitely impatient for the next note :)

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