Verizon: No. We Can't Become Dumb Pipes!
Jean-Louis Gassée

Such a great post Jean-Louis, echoing the magical seminal paper of David Isenberg, the Rise of The Stupid Network from 1994.

The sad reality is that operators should have followed the path of Intel, integrating downward the IP Layer to the network in order to become one of the 2 or 3 operators in the world, instead of integrating upward to the Services Layer.

Verizon should have bought a Cisco or a Juniper or an Ericsson or an Alcatel Fiber in order to kill competition through delivering faster on faster, cheaper and more pervasive IPv6 transport, instead of multiplying “value added services”, dead projects like IMS/SS7/IN, bundled in an incredibly complex marketing layer with so many offers.

Internet is an utility like Electricity. EdF does not try (yet) to make and sell toasters, TVs or electric cars.

Quite laughable while considering the massive overhead on CAPEX/OPEX spent for upward than operators are coming to beg for help on FTTH downward.

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