Snap Usernames, meet Snapchatters from all around the world

Snap Usernames connects Snapchatters from all around the world willing to make new friends on Snapchat. This website stands out by its elegant interface and its intuitive search engine.

This project, made by two French students from Bordeaux, enhances users discovery, which remains too little developed on Snapchat. By signing up on Snap Usernames, you’ll be able to browse among the profiles of Snapchatters that want to meet new friends and filter your search by country, city, age or gender.

As a parallel social network to Snapchat, Snap Usernames offers to its users possibilities of interaction that the instant messaging app does not allow: for example, you can like a profile, add a description and a profile picture and see how many views and likes a profile has. And of course, you can directly add a friend on Snapchat by scanning or touching his Snapcode to open the application.

Snap Usernames is a growing community, and we pay great attention to the feedback of its members who have a direct influence on the evolution of the website.

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