The most common response to rising healthcare costs, over the last 8+ years, has been to raise the out-of-pocket liability for employees (deductible + out-of-pocket-max)…and it’s a giant, counterproductive mistake.

The graph below demonstrates how the rise in deductibles has outpaced growth in both premiums and wages. Relying on high deductible plans to mitigate those rising premiums puts undue financial strain on employees and leads to worse health outcomes.

Finding employees who will be a good fit for your company isn’t easy, so when you do hire someone who does stellar work, you’ll want to keep them on your team as long as possible. Replacing departed employees isn’t just time-consuming — it’s also pricey. It can cost your company 30–50% of an entry level employee’s salary to replace them; that cost goes up even more for senior employees. Good employees leave their jobs for a variety of reasons, but some of them are entirely in your hands. As a leader, your job is to ensure that good employees feel…

You know that putting your employees first can benefit your company, but how do you start?

There are numerous, cost-effective ways to let employees know you appreciate their hard work. Whether it’s offering an option to work from home or supporting a more relaxed dress code (especially for employees who aren’t client-facing), here are easy-to-implement ways to build a strong employee-first culture.

Change traditional customer-first thinking

There’s a traditional notion in business that the customer comes first and the customer is always right. But according to business mogul Richard Branson, creating a work culture that puts employees first is actually a smarter business move.

A lot is being written about how to hire and onboard millennials — and keep them engaged in their jobs. But there’s a whole other labor force out there, and it’s on the rise: the over 45 crowd. It might even be you. These folks have spent years in the workforce and, like millennials, have gained a reputation. Theirs being that they’re not tech-savvy, are slow to learn the ropes of a fast-paced, modern workplace, and expensive to a company from a benefits perspective.

Rather than pinning millennials and non-millennials against each other (as some might argue Dan Lyons does…

The U.S. healthcare system underwent a major transformation, seemingly overnight, thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The change made a lot of people freak out over what it might mean for them. Insurance brokers specifically, it seemed, had become a thing of the past and a lot of technology companies jumped at the opportunity to create benefits marketplaces (private exchanges) where algorithms could do the work that was previously handled by humans. Employee benefits have always been a key pillar of human resources at each company, since most Americans get their health insurance through their employer. Through this shift…

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