5 Unconventional Ways to Learn from Seth Godin

Hi Dave,

First of all, great Simpson pic. Love it! Funny and clever.

Bravo for inviting people to leap and discover new thing. I also think it would have been useful to newcomers to put some links to some of the main blogs, TedTalk you mentioned.

I have added a few additional material on Udemy:

Then you have marathons program:

  • The marketing seminar for people who want to be part of a “people like us, do things like that” community and discover new tools, a new voice also

And an incredible sprint:

  • if you want a really life-changing experience the Alt-MBA

Like you, the reading of Seth’s books and blog have clearly changed my way of seeing things. Actually, it did not change it, it made me understand it was OK to think like this, it gave me the permission I did not find in my line of work.

Thanks for caring and showing up!



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