I personally believe, that the solution to the real estate affordability crisis, is not lowering prices. It’s access to the market.

Although lowering prices would solve the affordability issue, the problem with the idea that prices will decrease to affordable levels, to let’s say pre-2009 (i.e. 20%-50% for a Vancouver single detached home), is unrealistic. Market forces, like construction costs, which have doubled in recent years, would mean that building a home, not including the price of land, would cost a few hundred thousand dollars to build a home ($357/sqft on a 2,500 home would cost $892,000).

More importantly, nobody…

My girlfriend and I were living in a building in New Westminster, British Columbia that was run by a large property management company called Onni Property Management. We decided that we wanted to move to Vancouver to reduce our commute time and live closer to our friends and family. To do that, we had to break a clause in our lease.

When we moved in however, the landlord made us sign an addendum that said that if we left our home before our fixed-term…

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As we prepare to launch and get out of Beta, we’re very excited to say that we’re hiring at Maptiks!

It’s been months since we built the MVP of Maptiks (initially called Sliptics), and since then we’ve been able to signup hundreds of users, get valuable product feedback, and build something that our users are loving.

We’re still working on funding, but we’ve committed some cash to the company to help Maptiks go to the next level and it’s time to build something great, and so useful for our customers that whenever they build a map, they plugin Maptiks to…

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As we finish the last few touches to maptiks before we launch, I’ve been working on trying to figure out the most efficient, highest converting channel for acquiring new customers. We’re a SaaS that provides mapping analytics for Open Layers 3, LeafletJs and Google Maps API.

Here’s, roughly, how we tested 3 online customer acquisition channels and built a community of 250 people in 4 weeks.

The revenue table. The place where executives like to hang out and everyone is trying to get to. The place where you get to talk to the CEO and say “Hey, we generated this much business this year”. The place where you’re considered a profit centre, not a cost of…

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1. Getting Shit Done

I like working with teams whose number one priority is getting shit done. Working in a nimble environment where problems need to be solved is where I feel the most excitement. I love deciphering the chaos and identifying what key problems need solving to have the greatest impact. If you’re still just figuring shit out? That’s awesome. I’m in!

2. Focus

Once a…

Julien Jacques

Startup enthusiast, realestate guy and wannabe designer.

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