Here’s a new game: pick a random software library and review it.

A long time ago Mark Gillard posted in r/cpp a link to his C++ library to handle TOML, with a comment saying “As always, feedback welcome!”.

Hey, good thing! I don’t know anything about TOML but I know a few things about C++ and software design!

Moreover, I like doing code reviews; both as a reviewer and as a reviewee. …

Did you know that every day several new C++ signal-slot libraries are created? There are so many of them that we estimate there is 1.14 libraries for each C++ developer. Let’s have a look at them.

The puma runs faster than a wardrobe

The signal-slot mechanism is a way to implement the observer pattern. …

Let’s talk about build systems.

Note: This is mostly a translation of my post on If your native language is French or similar, you may as well read it there.

My job is to program video games targeted to iOS and Android devices. The platform-specific sections are written in Objective-C or Java, respectively, and the parts common to both platforms, that is 99% of the application, are written in C++. …

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