Benefits of married life

A lot of people have asked how my married life is going so far. I’m not sure why people keep asking that…but in case you’re curious, here’s a summary of what life is like at home.

You’re welcome.

  1. Comfort: Living together forces you to become very comfortable with each other.

2. Bonding over TV shows: Netflix makes it easy for couples to bond over shows. No need to run to the video stores late at night like people did back in the day.

3. Sharing food: Since we vowed in front of a judge that we will share our lives together, we must share our food as well.

4. Sharing space: Living in downtown Toronto where a detached home starts at $1.3 million means most couples must learn to share their space.

5. Looking forward to another day together: We got a $2,000 king-sized mattress when we officially moved in together. It’s really for our dog.